About Great Greenland

The company

Great Greenland was established in 1977 under the name ”Grønlandsgarveriet” which was specialized in tanning seal skin. In 1991 the company took the new name Great Greenland A/S, because of the companies new strategy was to be more international. From 2003 Great Greenland has bought up seal skins from Greenland under a service agreement with the home ruelment. Today the head quarter is placed in the city Qaqortoq in south Greenland, and 40 skilled employees, insures with big handicrafts skills that seal skins from Great Greenland is of a very high quality.

The seal skins are used in the clothing industry and the furniture industry, and for the national Greenlandic clothing. The activities in the fur house are split up in four arrears, buying, tanning, fur production and sales.