Fur care

A fur coat is a product of nature that will keep and maintain its characteristics through a lifetime if it is treated and stored correctly. Below Great Greenland A/S has collected some practical advice for giving fur coats a long and beautiful life.

In general

Never attempt to or clean a fur coat without the necessary professional skills. No kind of home treatment can work as a substitute for professional cleaning.

The fur is soaking wet

In this case Great Greenland A/S recommends that the fur coat is handed in to a furrier. The inner lining is removed, the fur coat is dried and tumbled and a new lining is fitted to the fur coat.

Spots from coffee, etc.

The spot is washed away using cold water and the fur dried as described above.


The paint is removed using a solvent. After that the area is washed using cold water and dried as described above.

Cutling marks or curl

Moisten the fur with water or steam from an iron. After his the fur is combed gently as described above.

Fur storing

After a long winter Great Greenland A/S recommends that the fur is handed in for summer storage at a furrier. Most furriers have temperature-, humidity- and light-controlled storage facilities. This ensures that the leather does not dry out. If it is not possible to store the fur coat at a furrier, try to keep it in a cold and dark a place as possible. Overexposure of light can cause the fur to oxidise or change colour. In addition, the fur should be kept hanging using a broad-shouldered hanger avoiding and pressure. When stored do not use plastic bags, as these will prevent air from circulating and the fur from breathing.

While travelling

Store fur coats in cloth garment bags.


Always have small rips or tears repaired by a furrier immediately to prevent more expensive repairs later.


Avoid use of any chemical agents. Avoid spraying any kind of chemicals onto fur coats such as perfume and hairspray.

Intensive use

After intensive use Great Greenland A/S recommends that the fur is cleaned at a furrier. This includes a special moisture resistant treatment of the fur coat. In addition, the leather side will be revitalised.