Hunting of seals

After a couple of hours scouting and waiting, standing in his dingy with a loaded Remington caliber 223, the hunter, Hans Nielsen, shoots one of the seas mammals. The seal is dead in a few seconds, and the hunter has a great respect for all animal life in the rough, but beautiful arctic nature. He is whispering to the lifeless animal, while he is getting it on board his dingy. His ancestors gave their prey water in the mouth, so it didn’t thirst on the long journey to the land of the spirits. Hans Nielsen ancestors believed in life after dead, and that everything had a soul, plants, humans and animal, and this should be respected. The hunters are still living on their ancestors beautiful and unspoiled land, but have lost many of the hunting rituals. Hans Nielsen is still respecting his prey for the meat and skin. At a silent voice he says- “Thank you for your needed meat, and for your warm skin, thank you for coming here, and for us to be feed by your meat, to be kept warm by your skin. I wish you a good journey, dear seal” Afterwards he gently lays the seal at the bottom of his dingy. Now he can return home to his family in the village.