Organization & board

Great Greenland A/S is owned by the Government of Greenland.

On this page you can see our organization’s structure, as well as our board of directors.

Organisations diagram for Great Greenland A/S


The Management for Great Greenland

Ditte Sorknæs


Telephone: +299 64 24 33

Greenlandic cellphone: +299 53 44 47

Danish cellphone: +45 21 35 03 35


  • no-imageHelle Matthiesen
    Chairman of the board
  • no-imageErik Sivertsen
    Vice Chairman of the board
  • no-imageTommy Ege Kristensen
    Member of the board
  • no-imageAnnette Kreiner
    Member of the board
  • no-imageAs Øland
    Member of the board



Great Greenland’s business covers several industries and areas of expertise, so it is also necessary to have a board with versatile skills. The company believes that its board should possess skills in accounting, finance, marketing and sales within both B2B and B2C segments. Ideally, the board should be experiences with the fashion and/or fur industry. Great Greenland’s Board possesses all these skills with its current composition.

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