Tanning, conservation of skin, is an old trade that has been done for thousands of years. At Great Greenland many of the steps in the tanning process are automated, by investment in machines and technical plants, but the process still demands manual work and handling. The purpose of the tanning process itself is to produce a tanned skin, but also to keep the look and feel that nature gave the skin. This is why Great Greenland is using the latest tanning processes when they are tanning the skins.

The purity of nature, and the free life of the animal, echoes in our fur-and tanning company. Our ecofriendly and sustainable commodity are carefully produces by the newest tanning techniques and this is seen and felt in our finished products. Great Greenland’s tannery is a modern plant which is built as a closed system. This means that we do not led any waste water out in the nature that surrounds us.

We are the world’s leading in treating sealskins. You can feel the quality in our soft seal fur- coats, bags and shoes. Sealskins that are made with great handicraft are suitable for the clothing-, accessories- and furniture industry.

Great Greenland also tan other than sealskin at the tannery, private people can also bring in polar bear skin, muskox and reindeer skin, and are tanned by individual pricing depending on the type of skin, and the size.