The Company

The Great Greenland A/S head office is situated in Qaqortoq, South Greenland.

The activities in Qaqortoq are divided into four areas:


Great Greenland A/S has own trading stations located in Upernavik, Maniitsoq, Tasiilaq and Nuuk, where procurement from local hunters takes place. In addition, the company operates a network of independent traders, who in even the smallest communities in remote regions purchase seal skins. Thus, it is possible to trade in seal skins in around 70 localities along the Greenlandic coast. After procurement the skins are transported by sea or air to the tannery.


Tanning, conservation of skin, is an old trade that has been done for thousands of years. At Great Greenland many of the steps in the tanning process are automated, by investment in machines and technical plants, but the process still demands manual work and handling. The purpose of the tanning process itself is to produce a tanned skin, but also to keep the look and feel that nature gave the skin. This is why Great Greenland is using the latest tanning processes when they are tanning the skins.

The purity of nature, and the free life of the animal, echoes in our fur-and tanning company. Our ecofriendly and sustainable commodity are carefully produces by the newest tanning techniques and this is seen and felt in our finished products. Great Greenland’s tannery is a modern plant which is built as a closed system. This means that we do not led any waste water out in the nature that surrounds us.

We are the world’s leading in treating seal skins. You can feel the quality in our soft seal fur- coats, bags and shoes. Seal skins that are made with great handicraft are suitable for the clothing and furniture industry.

Great Greenland also tan other than sealskin at the tannery, private people can also bring in polar bear skin, muskox and reindeer skin, and are tanned by individual pricing depending on the type of skin, and the size.

The workshop

A smaller part of the tanned seal skins are made into jackets at Great Greenland’s workshop in Qaqortoq. Each year the company presents a new fur- and accessories collection, that shows the latest trends and fashion in the in the fur industry, and also to show the wide possibilities the seal fur have. At the workshop in Qaqortoq the old craftsmanship is done with pride and a steady hand.

The employees at the workshop are handling both the sales samples and the later production of the fur coats. You need to be educated as a furrier or furrier seamstress to work at Great Greenland’s workshop.

The process of sewing a fur jacket starts by sorting the skins, as a rue log thumb, the furrier have to look at 100 skins in order to find 10 skins that matches in patterns and color. When a suitable number of skins are found, it must be decided what skins are used at the front part, the bag part, sleeves and hood, this is done in order to get a homogenous look of the entire jacket. After sorting the pattern of the jacket is transferred to the back of the skins, and gently cut out with a furrier knife. The demands great practice and the furrier have to be careful not to cut in the hairs, because this will show in the finished result. After cutting the jacket is sewed together, this is done on a furrier sewing machine, and the seamstress has to keep an eye on not sewing the hair in the seam. Afterwards it is time to mount, buttons, zipper and other things that is included in the design of the jacket. Finally the inner lining and the Great Greenland neck label are mounted, and the jacket is ready to be sent from Greenland and out in the shops around the world.


The sale of Great Greenland’s products are controlled from Greenland, furthermore there are many sales representatives in and outside EU.

Outside Europe the products are shipped from Great Greenland’s affiliate in Denmark, whom are responsible for sale of skins and products in the rest of the world- partly by direct sales to the international clothing industry, and by attending fashion fairs in Denmark and abroad, and at auctions through Kopenhagen Fur. The main sales office in Qaqortoq is serving Greenlandic customers, but also has the overall contact to customers around the world.